The Progressive Moment is Now

Fred Lewis

After a thorough repudiation in November—by the conservative voters who showed up to the polls and by the minorities who didn't—Texas progressives need a new path forward.

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Living at the Edge of Change

Michelle Garcia

The border is not just a place, it's an idea. The thought flashed across my mind as I traveled from Ciudad Juárez into El Paso, and then through Del Rio and down into the Rio Grande Valley late last year.

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Where Are My Flying Cars?

Joe R. Lansdale

Predicting the future has its problems. We all try to do it, even if just to plan for the following day, but when you really get right down to it, life and people mess things up when it comes to predictions.

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Agenda for a New Texas

Ronnie Dugger

An Indian once complained to Gandhi that their side kept losing. When were they going to win? Gandhi replied that the point was not to win, but to fight.

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Cutting Carbon and Reinventing the Economy

Katharine Hayhoe and Michael Webber

The story of Texas is the story of energy. Over the last century, Texas' natural gas and oil resources have changed the geopolitical planet, driving innovation and research far beyond our borders and establishing the prosperous economy we enjoy in Texas.

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